Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bedding and Being a Nester

I am a nester.  It is that simple.  I love to be home, fluffing up
the whatever and moving the whatnots and there is no
better place for me to find comfort than in my bedroom

I know many of us are like this and I was feeling so grateful
for the quick, easily obtainable junky fix that textiles brings to a compulsive nester.

Just the other week,
Off went the chocolate brown linen drapes in my bedroom 
Now we're sporting sheer white linen for summer

I scored this awesome gray one cloth quilt at TJ Maxx,
draped some modern bird fabric over a pillow and presto,
a whole new look!

I started thinking how important our beds are and the
wonderful warm safe place we create for ourselves, or someone else, 
hence this sweet little quilt Lydia just finished for her young daughter

On "The Monthlies" trip to Rockport we stopped
at Cherished Home on the way and Suzanne bought
this beautiful Pine Cone Hill Duvet for her bed at 75% off
It has prompted her to re-paint her bedroom in a soft taupe,
voile, instant rejuvenation and ELATION (especially on my part), for not much money

Whenever I get a hit of winter blues, I change the whatnots
on the top of my bed 

And I LOVE to create bedding for new potential nesters!

Enjoy your weekend, 
and maybe put a little textile skip in your step if you get the chance


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