Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo-op Friday

Before I go on and on about playing around in Belfast this morning
I would like to talk about the shrub Mock Orange
Look at how beautiful its branches are in bloom.

No fuss growing, deer haven't touched it! and it smells HEAVENLY

Renee and I headed to Belfast this morning to hang some posters
announcing the Antique, Craft and Cool Stuff Festival
that Lily's is sponsoring on July 22nd at Edgewood Farm in Deer Isle
(Over 25 vendors from a lot of different places in Maine, live music, food, wine, farms, folly!
from 10am - 4pm if you are around)

And they were just unloading fresh produce at Chases Restaurant

from their farm as we pulled up

Needless to say, I could barely control myself

It was all so fresh and ripe and beautiful

Then a stop at the fabric shop for a few yards of voile
for a new little shift

What do you think?  Looks good with my eyes, doesn't it?

Dinner tonight, crispy polenta with tomato sauce, roasted asparagus,
sautéed broccoli raab and grated pecorino cheese
and tomorrow savoy cabbage with.......

Have a great weekend!

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