Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Edit, Edit, Edit.

I love the lamps in my living room, but, I don't know, not quite in my living room.

I had steel lamps at the cafe in the newly set up area, but I couldn't figure out 
why the room wasn't warming up.

Voile! White ginger jar lamps at the cafe!  Warm central.

And the steel lamps in my living room.

One small indulgence, a new slipcover made for the wing back
by Eastman Textiles.  It is inexpensive linen, washed and left a little baggy
It looks so organic, I just love it.

The real kicker is, that a few years ago Renee
had brought home some new drop clothes from Home Depot

They looked like linen and forever I kept saying,
"wow, those would make great drapes or slipcovers"

Well, Country Living just did a story on a woman
who used them to reupholster her couch and wing chair.

See, I am NOT crazy!
Well..... maybe just a little, but its fun!

Have a great day

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