Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love writing this blog and have been just tickled with
so many of your kind comments and inspirations from you taking
the time to read it

Someone just wrote to tell me they had nominated me for 
the Country Living Magazine's Blue Ribbon Blogger Award
and I feel honored that it meant enough to do that.

I met up with a cafe customer from Boston
the other day to sell her some cookbooks and she
asked that I post more of my events on the blog, not just Facebook.
I shared with her that I didn't want to use this as a bill board and
she said "people love you, they want to know what you are doing"
Oh my gosh.
I said I would.

Then I was just recently asked to be a guest blogger on P. Allen Smith's blog.
A long time, well known, classy gardener, cook and lifestyle expert
in Little Rock, Arkansas.  You can catch him on MPBN on Sunday's at 2pm

I guess I just want to say thank you today,
from the center of my heart.


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