Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This is a picture from the Storm King Sculpture Garden
in New Windsor New York - only one hour from New York City.

That blows my mind.
Millions of people living on a 12 mile island choosing to be all smashed together
While I strolled this amazing land in breathtaking afternoon light
So be it.  And thank you.

The reason for the journey was a 50th birthday wish of mine

Which was an extraordinary experience on so many levels that I will never forget it.
Before I went, a dear friend turned me on to Dan Barber's book
"The Third Plate"

This book was a spiritual read for me and I have been urging
all my farmer and sustainable foodie friends to read it.
Well written, deeply researched, human and no pretense

The incredible thing is, the sound idea of our soil, land and water health
counting on diversity, segued into my mentor work

As I continue to revel in the individualities of the youth
I am so fortunate to work with I  had this epiphany
that our society calls for a monoculture not just in its fields
but in its members as well

I am continually reminding folks that not everyone has to 
follow the same path that we seem to dictate in order to be happy and fulfilled

And then a wonderful paragraph from another book I'm reading
that really pulled it all together;

"So the reason that you took the job in the temporary agency that placed you in the office may be to teach you a skill that you will use years later when you are doing something quite different.  You have no idea how these things unfold until you realize how wonderfully informed you have been by your past experiences.  You can be a garbage man of great dignity and actually have a life of the mind that has nothing to do with trash cans.  But that is a wonderful way to work out the anger at the end of the day by throwing the bags into the back of the the truck.  You are helping people." 

So, I continue to celebrate in the bounty of this season and feel so thankful
for all the wonders that make up the moments of my days.

Here's to a happy, healthy, diverse life.