Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Juicer?

Renee bought a juicer.
That in itself took me about a week to process

Then it came.

Then she made juice with things like kale and beets and swiss chard
and apples and ginger, pretty cool, but wait a minute ~

 what about all
that waste?

See all the pulp to the left?

I just spent 20 years of my life successfully running restaurants on the
premise that "there should be no waste"

So I read up on juicing;  detox, cleanse, vitamins, don't want the roughage...
I get it and I've even had fun making juices - no kale in mine please -
beets, carrots, lemon and apples with a bit of ginger, nice.

I still don't feel good about it, honestly.  I can't imagine harvesting
carrots and beets and cukes, if I am lucky, from my garden this summer
to see most of them smushed up in a cup and put on the compost pile

Yikes, some input on this anyone?

Hope you are enjoying your day

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