Monday, June 18, 2012

Choosing Joy

These words were really powerful for me the other day:
"All the chaos and confusion is a perspective...The more you learn about you, the more confidence you have in your own abilities to experience this lifetime in the ways that can bring you the most joy.
It is you who gets to choose."

So, I chose to go into my sewing room and create, in a safe, loving environment,
things that would make me happy to use every day.

I had been dying to make Amy Butler's spice market tote bag
after seeing it finished at Alewives.
I had this wonderful vintage Amy Butler fabric from Marden's
and it just seemed a natural.
It's like sunshine isn't it!

And then, a new wallet.
I used an old pattern from Kathy at Sewing By the Sea
and gave it some new tweaks, like a larger size, square corners
and firm interfacing instead of quilting it.

I used it for the first time to get gas -
it made it a lovely experience!!

Happy Monday everyone
and I hope we all choose some joy today

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