Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The" Weekend

A nap on the screened in porch, quilting, sewing, a wonderful long
phone conversation with my best friend in Florida, dinner out in
my newly made dress,  freshly caught halibut on the grill, Oh My Gosh!

I know and truly appreciate that people will miss Lily's Cafe
this summer, and have all winter, but the peace in my soul
is overwhelming

The first thing Theresa said on the phone was, "this is the THE weekend,
how do you feel not working?"

Very intuitive of her, because it wasn't until Sunday, as I came in from 
the backyard onto the freshly opened screened porch that
the freedom of not waiting on hundreds of people every day
all summer really hit me

Instead of directing 9 employees, preparing the best food possible
 and trying to perceive the needs of many,
I was sitting in this lovely space, sewing the binding on a quilt
and listening to the birds

I also had a chance to revisit some older work as I made a pillow runner to match
this quilt I had sold several years ago.  Isn't it fun to see what you have done with some
distance between you and when you completed it?

This pattern is from the book Simple Start, Stunning Finish by Valerie Wells

The colors remind me of sea glass and pure summer and the bed it lays on looks
right out over the water - pretty cool!

I pulled this old hand made beauty out, repaired a ripped block,
 gave it a good soaking in Oxyclean and hung it in the sunshine to dry

My cats who have taken to eating their food 
outside of their bowls, now have new little placemats made from oil cloth
I picked up at Fiddleheads while we were in Belfast

Here is the dress I made to wear to dinner.  I just hope I didn't
look like the tablecloth! 

I'm addicted to this simple shift pattern. 
 I seem to modify it each time I make one, and just started 
 curving in the waist a bit so it isn't so sack like.

I need all the help I can get! 

Well, I find myself filled with love, teary and oh so grateful
for the time I have given myself to fall in love with life again
and the magic of summer in Maine

Here's to all of you!

 I hope you had a great start to the season as well,

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