Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life's Demands and a Sweet Little Cottage

Cafe or no cafe, I was feeling completely overwhelmed by life's
demands on Sunday night. 

 You know, that queer feeling in your stomach
before you have to go back to work on Monday.
But, there was no "work" per se.

Just a lovely 10th grade girl, interested in interior design, shadowing me
in the morning, two lawns to mow, edging, mulching, 
getting our rental cottage ready for summer, shopping for my big 
spring dinner on Saturday, yadda yadda, the list
goes on

Honestly, there wasn't anything on the list that I didn't
want to do, so I spent a few moments thinking about
the self inflicted feeling of panic and pressure.

"If you focus on that which can be
demanding, that is exactly what you will get"

This was the direction of my daily affirmation.  It totally
hit home for me

I switched mental gears and viewed the tasks at
hand as opportunities not stresses, and have spent time
these past days enjoying accomplishing them

The best part was actually having three days to spend
cleaning and fluffing the house Renee grew up in, that we now
use for friends and family and rent to summer guests

She inherited it about 12 years ago.
Her father had built it in the 50's, and when we acquired it, not much
had changed since then

It was our first "redo" together and I just love the space.
It is filled with left overs, auction finds and stories.

I get to go a little "country sweet" with 
the decorating and I shift and edit things each year

The master bedroom has the bed Renee grew up with

I had just started quilting back then and made quilts for all the beds

That is a painting of Renee's dad, keeping him King of his castle
The couch and chair are pieces of my life in Cincinnati

See, I can do saturated color!  I just love that apricot with the
white wainscoting and old fashioned tile - we added both, along
with the pedestal sink - what a difference these things make
to a bathroom

We kept the original sink and glassed in the upper cupboards, which had
been solid doors while Renee was growing up
For the wood countertops, we used maple flooring and varnish,
it has held up really well

An old grain bin, mouse holes and all makes a great piece
(with storage) in the living room

Renee and I almost got divorced over this table.
It was bright red and in a pile - I mean pile - of junk 
at an auction.  I bought the pile for $5.00, much to Renee's dismay,
but I knew there were gems in there

Soft pillows, stacks of books, games and puzzles

 I love creating what I hope is cozy

Here's to spring and all that rushes in with it

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