Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

My first thought of the day today was that there is
just NOTHING like a good hair cut

It is SO much easier to put that self doubt aside
when your hair is just swinging!!

I have had the pleasure of two great hair designers 
over my 15+ years in Maine

Starting with Missy in Bangor and now
with Shaina at the Alchemist in Ellsworth
Thank you, thank you , thank you

I scored this awesome quilt at an auction on Sunday
It is all hand stitched and the printed hexagons are definitely 
from old grain/feed bags 
Thankfully I was surrounded at the auction by guys looking for doors and tractors

  Now I don't have to take that hexagon class - HA!

I LOVE having TIME to spend in my home kitchen

with my cats and my weird thoughts and crazy food ideas

Someone asked me, very kindly, the other day if I was getting bored.
I think excited is more accurate

I am 5 months today, into this year of pause, and
really just able to let go about a month ago.

 I am having a blast!  Plus, I really feel like I am
repairing, and I am SO filled with gratitude 

I love being able to throw myself whole hog into my projects
and I've kept events happening about once a month - 
so I still have my feet in the mix

Speaking about projects I have been developing a new
twist on my granola.  It is gluten free and 
full of goodness and it tastes awesome!

Making a batch today, I pulled out my Mom's old nut chopper
I don't think I've used it since making Christmas cookies as
a young girl in her kitchen.  Crazy how things instantly
transport you somewhere - it was a nice trip -

One last random craziness for today is my favorite shovel
It is little, like a really tall person could wear it as a necklace.
Carol Collins, who used to garden for me long, ago had one
and she said it was her favorite tool
Not being shy I found one at a yard sale for $2.00 and decided
to give it a try.
Awesome!  Weeds, transplants, holes, shoving, shucking you name it
be on the look out during tag sale season


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