Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm in love with something plastic

I am addicted to these Dash and Albert Polypropylene rugs
This one became so stained up, I just soaked it in some
warm water with Charlie's Soap cleaner
and it looked like new

Awesome colors, or lack of, and great designs

They don't fade, stain or wrinkle

Look how this one perks up this dreary basement laundry room
and you just hose it off when it gets dirty!

This one is on our screened porch.  I've spilled wine on it
and it has rinsed right out.
Plus, they are soft on your feet and feel pretty much like cotton

This is one of my favorites, not a Dash and Albert, 
but it is actually hooked like a wool rug
I bought it from a Garnet Hill catalogue last season
I am not convinced it is as easy to clean as the others,
but I'll let you know

That is my excitement for today

I hope you are looking forward to a long weekend
and a kick off of summer

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