Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Monthlies

An unexpected group of women, meet once a month
taking turns cooking an inspired meal,
enjoyed with wine, deep laughter and good honest conversations

There were six of us originally,
 meaning each had a turn to cook and host two times a year.

Upon the decision of one of the group to move back home,
we decided that on her two turns we would go out to eat!

Our first excursion was last weekend, to Rockport, and dinner

at Shepherd's Pie

A cozy restaurant, with a great bar, good local food, well priced wine
 and a warm inviting atmosphere

We started at the bar while we waited for a table and ate
organic french fries and muscles roasted on cedar boughs with lime

We were then seated at a table by the open kitchen with 
a view of the harbor 

A recipe for a wonderful time

We all spent the night at the
 Towne Motel ( a Boyce's wannabe)
in Camden

 Being early risers, at 6am Renee and I walked the empty
streets of this usually bustling tourist town 

I think it is honestly the first time I actually "saw" Camden

It is such a lovely historic town on the coast of Maine
and quite picturesque in its quiet awakening of the day 

I had to throw this picture in here, it's thru the shop window of
Sugar Tool - need to go back there when it is open :0)

We then all headed to Chase's in Belfast of course for breakfast,
happy and socially satiated

Next time, I think we should check out The Lost Kitchen in Belfast
I keep hearing incredible things 


Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments about my blog
I really enjoy writing it and am so grateful that you are willing to share
all this with me

Have a wonderful day,
 I know I am excited about all the potential in mine


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  1. Kyra,
    I enjoy your perspectives and reflections. Your Blog is very interesting. Your words and pictures are as savory to digest as the fine meal you made for Brenda and I when we visited a couple of years ago. We're anxious to find the opportunity to return to Stonington.
    Please tell "Chief" Sewall that I said hello.
    Mike Mugits