Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nervous Excitement

I awoke this morning at 3am to a torrential downpour and
immediately remembered that I had forgotten to
put my seedlings inside yesterday evening.

They are at Lily's

Donning raincoats and sweatpants, Renee (God love her) and I
headed up to save the poor drowning babies
I think they'll be okay, 
I am supposed to be
hardening them off aren't I?

All this after spending 7 serious hours yesterday with Michele Gower
mulching the gardens at my home

I dumped and she spread.  Holy crap, I've never had
help doing this before and it usually takes me 4 lonely days

It was awesome to have someone to talk to 
and share the load - no pun intended -
I am so grateful

We missed one small garden behind the rock wall and after 
feeding the birds this morning I found myself out there in my
pajamas and a raincoat finishing up

As I rounded the corner to the front of the house, which is
on Route 15,  I ran into two phone guys fixing lines

Why the second looks dudes, haven't you
ever seen someone gardening in the rain in their pajamas?

I seriously crack myself up, but the hard work is done my friends,
the hard work is done.

Okay, so here is where the nervous excitement comes in

#1 ~ the people whom I did the big interior design project for
post titled "A Completed Project" arrive today from D.C.
and will see it for the first time ~ yikes!

And #2 ~ the Seamark Community Arts  Summer Workshop
list just came out, and I am on the schedule, teaching my first
quilting class!!  

Here is the description Holley wrote:

Kyra Alex at Lily’s    
Aug 7&8   9:00 – 1:00   $75 TEENS/ $100 ADULTS

A simple but satisfying way to work with fabrics and design that suits both the complete beginner and the most advanced quilter. Starting with monochromatic color, we slash into them randomly to add bursts of color and design.  No rules, lots of freedom and a wonderful way to use up scraps or odd pieces of things you love, like a linen table cloth or that favorite shirt. A functional size quilt top can happen quickly or you can spend more time on techniques.  Sharing the unexpected with each other is the best part. Open to all levels of experience. Materials list available when you register.

I'm off to my sewing room on this rainy day to do some lighter lifting
Enjoy yours!

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