Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surround Yourself with Kindness and Creativity

Don't you love how everything in the ground just knows
what to do in the spring? 

 Push up,  bust out,  drink it in,  be present
and move forward.

There are no questions, no doubts, just an innate desire to be alive.
Very inspiring.

 Most of my seeds have sprouted, just waiting on the parsley and spearmint to
decide to join us.  Also, a tray of sungold tomato seeds were inadvertantely left up
on the oven and the soil dried out.  I've re-moistened the little cupcakes and
hope they haven't been so shocked by my neglect that they 
still want to "see the light" 

Here is my little light rig, taught to me by some of the best
"growers" on the island.  It's worked like a charm over the years.

No worries, just believe - and spend some time just goofing around,
 that is my mantra for today

 I'm off to make baked beans and start setting up for Saturdays' festivities

You all have a wonderful day

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