Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Postpone Joy

"Don't postpone Joy"

I heard this said in a movie the other night and then read it on a bumper
sticker this morning.

  Message received.

I have been taught to postpone joy by the best of them.
My Mother was a pro at it. 

 Piles of beautiful linens, never used

the "good" china that saw the light of day every 5 years,

sterling silver flatware all wrapped in gray cloth, that
only came out at Christmas or Easter 

You know the drill.

I have broken many of the molds,

 I even broke out 
the sterling silver last year, unwrapped it, and use
it as our every day cutlery.  This was RADICAL
and I LOVE my decision.  Whoever gets it next will enjoy it
with a lovely brushed nickel finish.

I still catch myself though, holding off joy as
some sort of foreplay, only to end up with no
satisfaction in the end because I wait too long.

Like my making myself do chores before I allow myself in my sewing
room and find the day taken with the chores and no sewing.

Beginning last week, two hours of sewing first, then the chores, no arguments

And on Sunday, I finished this simple little dress I made with some Kaffe Fassett
shot cotton in a lovely raspberry.  That is me in the mirror modeling it for you.
I wasn't going to allow myself to wear it yet because I had this thought that I needed to "save" it.

Just that thought had me headed straight for the closet to put it on.
And I felt great in it all day!  

No postponing here  - in fact I went to a wine show in my
new little dress this afternoon
 and decided to taste the expensive stuff first at every table.

HA! I love life.

Now, this kitchen has been a postponement of joy, just 
waiting for all the parts and pieces to come together.
But, the counters come tomorrow and the tilers on Monday and
I should have some finished pictures for you next week.
I can't wait, it is really looking divine.

Go, have some fun!

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