Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Saturday Smile

I transplanted a bunch of seedlings into bigger pots this morning
and just wanted to tell you that my "cupcakes"
are all doing really well.  That Vermont Compost,  Fort Lite
potting mix is amazing stuff, these are the healthiest 
seedlings I have every grown.

And the paper liners in the muffin cups really helped in
getting the plants up and out without disturbing the
roots too much

Pretty cool.

Today I am fighting that Spring urge to panic in response
to what needs to be done in my gardens at my house 
and at Lily's. 
Slow deliberate movements right?
I will feel better when I get out there

Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to a guest blogger on Monday -
Kristine Incandella Lucas - 
and join us in a discussion about paint colors and how to pick them


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