Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fear No More

After 15 years I finally have a chance to become intimate
with my yard at Lily's

Someone has always cut the grass,
 who the hell had time to do that,

 and even though I would
plant all the plants, someone else weeded them

and my lovely employees would trudge to the compost 
pile once or twice a day for years,

creating these heaping mounds of whatnot 
that quite frankly I was petrified of

Well - FEAR NO MORE  I say

I've cut the lawn twice, giving me this wonderful
sense of understanding about the lines of the
small acreage and how it settles in to grow every year

and yesterday - while Renee worked on fencing in 
my big garden project this spring - more on that soon to come-
I conquered my fear and tackled the compost

I think the problem for me was that the system that
everyone tells you to set up just doesn't work with
the way I am

Little contained boxes, that I couldn't even begin to understand
how to turn, let alone what to do when one got full etc. etc.

I ripped all that out and decided to continue on my journey
of just not being like everyone else

I spread the piles out, got rid of the grass that was growing all around it,
There was no smell, no bugs, and most of the 70 thousand egg
shells we have tossed in there over the years have broken down

I found jerusalem artichokes abounding, (now I know what
that lovely tall small sunflower was every year coming out of
the compost area) and tossed the bejesus out of the 
older piles that actually are starting to look like some good stuff

ahhh, I'm pretty pleased with myself

Now I have two piles close to being done and then
a huge section reserved for new stuff that I can actually
get to and continue tossing about once in a while

and my lettuce seeds have sprouted! 
I think I'll mulch in between the rows with some of my 
"black gold"

Get out there kids! Have some fun!

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