Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Completed Project

This design job was a wonderful challenge

 and with the help of
an outstanding team of people,
 starting with the contractor Tomboy Construction Inc. and her crew,
and including the homeowners, we were able
to really make the most of all these spaces.

A complete kitchen redo, 2 bathroom remodels and
an added bathroom with storage space were the requests.

I feel it came out awesome.  I hope they agree.

Kitchen during...

Kitchen after...

The walls and trim are Monterey White - Ben Moore
and the cabinetry is from Island Interiors in Trenton, Maine

I found this at an auction, it is like it was made for the space!

Sink in the powder room off the kitchen, haven't found the perfect mirror yet

Beveled subway tile in celery upstairs

A bit of the the added bathroom

Part of the transformation into storage space, etc...

Ahhh, I would move in.

Off to the garden!
Enjoy your day


  1. Homina, homina, homina... I am loving that space! Where did the green light fixtures come from? They are pretty fabulous. And my Dad would be peeing his pants over that brick oven... they're gonna make some good turkies and pies in that thing!

    1. The light fixtures are Ballard design. The homeowner found them and they really make the space don't they?!

  2. Wondering if you remember the color you used on the fireplace? Trying to refurbish a similar brick fireplace at my house and am looking for that perfect shade. Thanks!