Friday, April 20, 2012

Pure Bliss

Six straight days of sunshine, warmth and NO BUGS!!
(and no intense cafe schedule)

I don't think I have the cosmic right to be anything else
but deeply grateful

I have been gardening like a fiend and loving it

A few years ago I decided to stop stressing about
the success of my gardens as a whole
 and take pleasure in 
the small perfect vignettes that constantly
present themselves

Like this little gathering of johnny jump ups basking in the sunshine

Or my kale, that I planted much too late last summer and 
did nothing, has wintered over and looks beautiful and ready to eat!

Or this sweet little what not growing all healthy and green
in the middle of my lawn

 - deep sigh-

What if I drop the expectations, let things be, encourage health
and just enjoy them as they are?

I have been giving my ego a vacation and my heart is LOVING it!

Here is something else I love

Debby has been quilting like wild fire since the La La class
Look at this baby quilt she made for a friend's new grandson -

For me, it is that blue and white check around the border
that just makes the whole thing DANCE!!
I am headed to Chicago soon for
the KBIS kitchen and bath show!!
Very excited,
about the show, but mostly about the restaurants I've made reservations in
I'll keep you posted

You all have a wonderful weekend

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