Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Okay to be on a Road to nowhere?

Yes, I should be in Chicago now, sorting my way thru
thousands of booths lined with the newest and coolest
in design ideas,

planning my outfit for dinner at the newest dinner hot spot
The Girl and the Goat with friends later tonight

In fact, was it just yesterday at this time that I was
joking with those friends, who, didn't have a direct flight
from Portland as I did, and were stuck in Buffalo for 12 hours?
Yes, that was me

Strapped in and ready to take off last night at 5:30, the
nice little Steward's hand set wouldn't work, so, following
regulations, we all trudged off the plane so they could fix it

An hour later, all strapped in again and
 able to hear the safety spiel just fine...,

my denying little brain registered it as a joke
when the steward started saying in a choked panicked voice

"exit the plane as fast as you can, do not take
your bag, just exit the plane quickly"

It wasn't until my seat neighbor started imploring that
no one panic and I smelled fire that I realized they were serious

I grabbed my bag - sorry- my Mother taught me
to never leave your purse anywhere-
and filed off

SO grateful that the plane hadn't taken off yet,

overcome with emotion at how well we all did 
as fellow human beings together - 
no one pushed 
and everyone was so KIND to one another, 

and giving my friends in Buffalo reasons to cheer in their airport bar because
my circumstance was now worse than theirs,

I felt pretty fortunate

I can't say I am not supremely disappointed,
 but I have to admit
that I had this incredible change in personality experience

In my matter of fact, get everything done, restaurant personna, I would have
bellied up to the reservation desk, been first to get rebooked etc etc

but last night I decided to just ALLOW 
Allow the grace of the universe if you will
allow myself to be guided by circumstances instead of guiding them

I observed, waited, and made a decision on my continuing travel based
on what was available by the time it was my turn at the desk

Not much it turns out, so I am home

I'm still adjusting to the change in plans,
and I'm SO not sold on the personality change,
but I think I really believe that I am supposed to be home


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Thanks for listening

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