Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Foodie kind of Day

I drove it all over the coast today, gathering bacon and buttermilk in Warren (2hours) for
Saturday's blueberry pancake breakfast 

Raw goat's milk and sweet potatoes at the Belfast Coop

Stopped for a delicious lunch of spring greens, olives and carrot salad in a
curry oil vinaigrette at Chase's

Then, on the way home I stopped at Old Ackley Farm to buy eggs 
and discovered fresh dug parsnips and wintered over kale for sale - nice!

A quick stop to pick up some greek style yogurt at Yellow Birch Farm
and I arrived home, spent and hungry.

Just when I thought I'd die if I had to eat another
head of California broccoli, the blessed local spring earth is offering up its goodness.

I rough chopped the last of the Cippoline onions from winter that haven't sprouted - how come I
can't grow an onion outside to save my life, but they sprout all green and beautiful in 
my basement?- And put them in a hot pan with some olive oil to brown

I peeled and diced the parsnips, tossed them in olive oil and roasted them in
a 425 degree oven until dark gold, tender and sweet as candy

When the onions were beginning to caramelize, I added some chicken sausage, continued
browning and then added some of the kale, cooked it just until it wilted, threw in some
open red wine and a bit of dijon mustard, some salt and rosemary and gave it a few stirs.

Then I added the roasted parsnips and a dash of ume vinegar.
Absolutely delicious.

Here's to winter's thaw and divine spring food inspirations


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  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh... that looks SO good. And I LOVE parsnips for the record. I made your cake again last night for girl's night. Ollie had some and he said it was my best one yet.