Monday, April 16, 2012

Paint Colors and a Guest Blogger

Picking paint colors for your home, inside or out, is a huge undertaking and with paint up to $100 a gallon and labor close to $40 an hour, you really don't want to get it wrong.
  But it is such a sensitive thing.

Color in a room sets the tone of everything for me, not just the mood,  it speaks to who you are, your intentions in life, and how you feel about the whole picture.  
I do a lot of color consulting for clients and it is such a high when we get it just right.

Kristine and I met in January when she accompanied Rhea from Alewives to help with the La La Log Cabin Quilt workshop.  Upon arrival in Lily's the first words out of her mouth were, 
"I love your colors"
  That is the sweetest thing anyone can say to me and I knew we would become fast friends.

At the time,  Kristine was finishing a remodeling of a wonderful older home in Maine where she holds down the fort with her husband, two young boys, a full time job and a great design sense.  She was struggling with paint color choices to set the final tone and was playing with the idea of painting the walls and trim all the same color, something I very often do.

Excited by her choices, I asked if she would share her decisions and process in a blog post when she was thru.  Happily she agreed to fit it into her crazy schedule.  I feel like we all inspire each other every day, it is so fun to see what we are all doing.


Greetings Lily’s House readers, 

Kyra asked me a loooong while back if I would “guest post” on her blog about how I select paint colors for my home, what inspires me, the process by which I build off of color, etc. etc.  My instant response was, “well, mostly I just steal color inspiration from others, is that an acceptable practice to blog about?” To which Kyra aptly responded, “hell yeah!”  ..and so, here we are…

I have to admit that I was especially inspired by the marriage of colors when walking thru Lily’s cafĂ©…the girl has got it I tell you..the gray-blues work so well with the bold, chocolate bar wall, pattern on pattern in upholstery and clean lines thru out her special place.

For me, color is that critical component in a room that sets the tone for the personality of the space…I’ve never been an “off-white with woodgrain trim” kind of gal..but, thru experimenting with color and making many mistakes I have learned that I favor a monochromatic trim and wall color’s the easiest way to keep things clean, modern and classic all at the same time.

On the topic of making mistakes, these little guys will save you from a mountain of frustration and are worth their weight in gold….behold, the Benjamin Moore color sample…

trust in this…..I would not steer you wrong… these are a staple when deciding on color…I used six of these when selecting the color for my living room and ultimately decided on something altogether different.  Nonetheless, I swatch each color on different walls that see different light at each time of day as color can read a million ways when visualized in evening versus morning light…

Next up….and also worth his weight in gold…”Tom from the paint department at Hammond Lumber”…he can’t paint a wall to save his life, but he knows everything there is to know about polymers, VOCs, how many coats it takes before a company guarantees its color, what paint finish you should use for walls vs. trim vs. ceilings..when it’s ok to cheat, what cheap paint brushes are the best (ps. the $7 dollar Ben Moore all surface brushes) and he never judges me when I buy 6 color samples and then return to purchase a gallon of a completely different color…ladies and gentleman….”paint department Tom:”

Inspiration for me, comes from many places: nature, spying a great color in a magazine shoot, friends’ homes, design blogs and last but not least…pinterest.  This platform is the crack pipe of design, images, recipes, and randomness…and I’m smoking it with the best of them.  We are so fortunate…and sometimes have a plethora of influences at the touch of our fingers…not to mention the ability to color match just about any medium…so without further ado…here are my home’s current paint colors..(I’ve literally repainted every room in my home at least 5 times over and never the same color) the’s just paint…

Living room (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl):

 Dining Room (walls-Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray; trim/wainscoting Farrow & Ball Pointing:

Foyer (Farrow & Ball Pointing mixed in Ben Moore Regal line):


1st floor bath (walls-California paints Amelia; trim/wainscoting Farrow & Ball Pointing):

 Master bedroom (white stripe-Lowes Eddie Bauer Oyster white; blue stripe-custom mix Martha Stewart cumulus cloud; bedding Dwell Studio):

Front door (Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue):

thanks for letting me share,





  1. Awesome guest post, Kristine! I think I need some "Pointing" in my home somewhere, somehow...

    1. I know where you can get a boat load of it Rhea Rhea ;)

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