Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vibrum 5 fingers, to wear or not to wear.....

My Vibrum 5 fingers
           Who knew that exercise would play such an important role in motivating me to be the best I can be.  Understand that I hated gym class in school and everyone in gym class hated me.  But a group of us get together at 6am on Tuesday and Thursday to do our own version of cross fit and I just love it.  The individual mental and physical challenge along with the intense camaraderie that has developed with this group is awesome.  Add to that, dancing in the dark for an hour a couple times a week with another group of beautiful people, all different shapes and sizes, just putting it out there to the music, and you have my workout schedule.  I started to wear these funny shoes about two months ago with pledges of how they change your life.  There seems to be two camps out there, those that love them and those that hate them.  Right now, I'm loving them.  In fact I hate to put regular shoes on anymore.  I would love to hear what anyone has to say that has experience with the "barefoot" movement, either side.

I also want to share with you that February has been my favorite month ever since I moved to Maine those 15 years ago. Okay, September is a close second, but for me February is the best.  Awesome skies, usually snow, lots of sunshine, seed catalogues and garden planning without any hard work.  Dusk starts past 5pm, yet we are still in the heart of winter with it's quietly busy community, wood stoves, ball games, movies, sewing, pot lucks and so much more.  In February I find myself basking in the warmth of what it is like to live here year round and this year I seem to feel that warmth even more.

A treat from the freezer, homemade applesauce from Fall

Tomorrow, it's Old Ackley Farm chicken time.

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  1. cool shoes Kyra! Love the blog!

  2. I had to create a new email to be able to comment here. Actually Tree did it for me. lemme know if you get this. T

    1. What would we do without youth around us?!