Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend project

Snowy, blowy and super cold.  A project weekend forecast!! Actually the first one of this weird weather winter. Snow gives me this wonderful permission to slow down, quiet myself and focus on favorite inside projects.  I spent Saturday in the kitchen, which I will share about later this week.  But Sunday was all sewing, with no football to distract me.  The first thing I pulled out was that luscious piece of velveteen I scored at the Alewives pop up fabric shop from the quilt workshop several weekends ago.  I made this throw in less than two hours and it was in use just in time for Downton Abbey Sunday night.

Here is the quiet before the storm

Alewives has a wonderful little instruction booklet that you get with the velveteen.  You lay your batting out first, then your velveteen right side up and top it with your backing, wrong side up.

Pin like crazy all the way around, leaving a pocket for turning and sew all three layers together

Once you've sewn it together, flipped it right sides out and stitched your opening you get to tie it with embroidery floss to "quilt" it together.  
That is Barley helping me again, (we fought for leadership thru this whole process)


Several years ago, for Valentine's Day, friends gave me vintage boxes
 full of cotton embroidery floss. 


Look at these rich colors!! I love spreading them out and each color would have worked. 
 I finally decided on the pumpkin orange shade of floss

Here it is in all it's glory.  What a great shot of instant color for my living room, just when everything is beginning to drag in my house with that long winter drab thing that sets in while we await the blooming colors of springtime.  

This final picture was not staged, I came in to watch Downton Abbey and Renee had already claimed the throw.  It is super cozy and the velveteen and voile are so soft around you.  I have a feeling this will move to our screened in porch as well for those cool summer evenings.  Truly a great weekend project.

Enjoy your Monday


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    1. Awww,yeah, Kyra! That came out fabulous. I love that Renee loves it.