Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple inspiration

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts of late. 
 Trying to understand my worth without the long hour days of producing. 
 Food, salaries, conversation, atmosphere, stress.  My purpose every day was very clear cut. 
Now I find myself out to sea with just me and my heart as a compass. 
 So easy to get scared and revert to what is familiar. 
 But two things have come into my path this morning that I found so inspiring
 that I'm thru for now with that dreadful melancholy self absorption 
and into seed catalogs and my sewing room! 

I was checking out the blog and it lead me to this wonderful video of Ruth Stout.  Oh my gosh, she changed my hold attitude with her wonderful philosophies on life and gardening!

And then an email came with pictures of these beautiful
 quilt blocks made by Debby Chappell after our La La Log Cabin quilt workshop.  

Thank you.  May I always be open to receiving simple inspirations.
And thanks for listening.

Enjoy your Sunday

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