Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The heart bandit and a poem

Every year for about 10 years now I would arrive at Lily's on Valentine's Day to find a lovely heart taped to my front door.  To this day I still don't know who this wonderful heart bandit is, but they leave their joyful greeting on the doors of every island business.  I woke up this morning a bit melancholy, thinking that I would not be worthy of a heart since my dooryard is darkened to customers this February.  My heart is now singing, as you can see, I have been hearted again this year!  Thanks Bandit for making my day.

Here is what I did with the chocolate bark recipe I shared with you on Friday.  I bought the little cellophane bags years ago when I thought maybe I would make crackers to sell.  Never did it.  But, they sure came in handy this morning!  A little red ribbon and I'm all set.  Now I'm off to spread some more cheer on this sunny day.

I am going to leave you with a poem by Charles Bukowski that was shared in a program from a recent performance at the Opera House.  It hit a tremendous cord for me and my gap year "of pause"

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

the area of pause
by Charles Bukowski

you have to have it or the walls will close
you have to give everything up, throw it
away, everything away.
you have to look at what you look at 
or think what you think
or do what you do
don't do
without considering personal
without accepting guidance.

people are worn away with 
they hide in common habits.
their concerns are herd concerns.

few have the ability to stare
at an old shoe for
ten minutes
or to think of odd things
like who invented the

they become unalive
because they are unable to
undo themselves
roll clear.

listen to their untrue
laughter, then

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