Monday, February 6, 2012

An auction adventure

This house that is Lily's posses such a magic spirit.  Arriving early in the mornings to open the cafe I would feel it so clearly.  But then the bustle of daily creating and nurturing would begin and the essence of the house would be taken for granted.  As much as I loved running the cafe I secretly longed to feel the quiet of the house and to let it's spirit shine.  As I begin recreating the spaces here I feel it speaking to me and I ask myself constantly to have the patience to hear it all the way through.  

I say patience, because that is what you really need when designing a space for work, play, cooking, reading, creating, etc.  Let it happen slowly, no matter how excited you are.  Things take better shape over time.  Listen, and be prepared to change it a bit until it is just right.  Then, if you are like me, you'll change it all over again.  That is why I don't spend precious amounts of money on furnishings.  I don't want to be eternally committed to a piece of furniture because I spent SO MUCH money on it.  I like to find things that I love but can lose as my taste changes from time to time.  Auctions are my favorite place to find these unique items and I found two awesome treasures this weekend.

It is an all day affair, in a badly lit room with lots of competition.  I bid on several things, but only ended up with two, but was so excited with my finds that I treated myself to brunch at Chase's in Belfast

I also have to say that without my partner Renee (Tomboy Construction) I would not be half as cool as I think I am :0)  Of course the huge work table I bought for the back kitchen weighed a ton and wouldn't go thru the door.

Renee to the rescue - she made the door bigger -  She says it is an easy fix, I'm just trusting her.  And am so grateful.

Here it is in all it's glory.  Ain't she a beauty!  It beckons me to cover it with food or fabric and just start creating.  At the auction someone said, "nice legs" I realized before I embarrassed myself that they were talking about the table. 

And this chair!!  Doesn't it look great with the drapery?  And it is so comfortable!  
Things are starting to take shape, and I love being here. 

Enjoy your day.

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