Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm dreaming of an herb garden

Awakening energy can be felt everywhere here.  
The movement of light and shadow, big puddles of bubbling mud,
chubby robins, even the smell of skunk, has me in
serious anticipation of what is to come.

It is so unbelievable to me that this:

Will soon look like this :

Last year my front lawn was such a success in early summer.
 White peonies, intertwined with pink roses and
a bed of plump strawberries beneath.  Unfortunately this success was
soon followed by a serious herb garden failure.
This year will be different! You have to believe or why would any of us
put so much work into the gardens we tend every year?

I have my seeds sorted from last year, and have ordered what else I need.
Renee is going to try to grow sweet potatoes behind her new shop.
That will be an interesting process I'm sure, from beginning to end.

My supply of storable foods gathered thru the Fall
from my favorite farms is really beginning to dwindle. 

Last night I used up my last box of potatoes from Carding Brook Farm.
I sliced them thinly and sautéed them in olive oil until tender and starting to brown.
Then I threw in a crushed clove of Annabel's garlic and some dried rosemary and
continued cooking them until they were deep golden brown and crisp.
The rosemary and garlic imparted this wonderful earthy, almost vanilla essence
to the potatoes that I had never experienced. 

All I had were frozen peas for a green vegetable, so I sautéed some
garden shallots in butter and sea salt and allowed the peas to warm slowly
in this delicate cloak of flavor.

Adding seared pork chops from a pig raised by Old
Ackley Farm, we sat down to a wonderful simple dinner.

I am so grateful and inspired by the local foods available to us here. 
And not a GMO in site.

Enjoy your day...dreaming

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  1. Goodness Kyra! I love your gardens. You gotta come and help me plan my garden. Ironically the only thing I am decent at growing are my herbs. Together we are the perfect gardener.

    Also: made your chocolate layer cake AGAIN(!) last night for my Dad and two of my younger brothers.

    Everyone just loved it!