Friday, March 9, 2012

Works in progress

I didn't blog yesterday because I was painting at Lily's for 8 hours!!
I came home with a headache and cranky.  Needless to say
I LOVE to pick out the colors etc. but, not my favorite
thing to do, putting it on the wall.
Thank God for Renee and her love of the "flow of the brush"

Here is some more of that sunny kitchen.  These are not staged shots, but
a work in progress, so don't judge the distractions.

The tile is in, along with the knobs, some artwork
and the owners

Doesn't the tile from Island Interiors just sing?  It brought the whole space together
and really brings in the earth and water views from outside
the big windows.

I have to say that the space we started with was very 
uncomfortable, in both spacial and spiritual proportions.
But now, they have to ask me to leave.  I just want to sit on the
couch and have them bring me tea while I read my book.

 Now, on to this space - can't wait!

Enjoy your day

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