Friday, March 30, 2012

Some La La Log Cabin Quilts, almost finished

 For a month or so now I have been meeting once a week with some
novice quilters who took Alewives Girl's  La La Log Cabin Quilt Workshop in
January,  to teach them how to put their tops together into a quilt

They have been excited and very diligent.
Just look at these beauties!!
Talk about getting your mojo going

Oddly enough, the one complaint I have with myself during
this year of pause is that I haven't been in my quilting room near enough.

There always seems to be so much else to do...

Seriously, this needs to stop.

Why is it so hard to make time for my creative passion?

Each time I am with these ladies they remind me how important it is
to feed these needs.

One more thing:

I found these comments on the Lily's Cafe Facebook page the other day and was
so pleasantly surprised.  They are talking about my first cafe in Cincinnati, and that
was over 16 years ago.

It reminds me to tread thoughtfully, we really do leave footprints

"Kyra used to own the Production Line in Oakley (Cincinnati Ohio). It was, hands down, consistently the best restaurant ever. Eclectic, fresh, local, fantastic. Every time I drive past, I miss them. I keep plotting a way to plan a Maine vacation that will include at least one stop at Lily's."

    •  "Not much of a plot. We're all ready to go. I miss the production line too you know."

                                                      Have a wonderful weekend  and thank you for all the kindness


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  1. These quilts are gorgeous! Gives me the quilting bug, too...