Thursday, March 29, 2012

Starting Seeds

 Unlike my master gardener friend who brought me these lovely little basil
seedlings to transplant (and actually ensure that I have some to plant) yesterday, I approach
the whole seed starting thing with fear, worry and disbelief.  I know, I know, I am working
on ridding myself of these negative feelings, but you don't understand - I garden from 
the seat of my pants.

This year I was so proud of myself for actually ordering the seeds early enough to
get what I wanted that I neglected to make sure I had adequate seed starting 
apparatuses on hand.

This is where the positive words MUST come in, like
breathe, focus and believe. 

Since this isn't Martha Stewart Living and failure is acceptable I will share with you 
what I ended up doing and we'll see what happens

I had saved some toilet paper rolls after reading some tip in a magazine, but not nearly enough.
I had some peat pots left from last year, but wanted to put the lovely basil in those, so
what would a chef who loves to bake have oodles of? 

Old Muffin Tins!!  And Paper Liners!!

As soon as I saw all those tins ready for batter I was instantly at ease.

With another tip, from a local farmer, I had bought this, said to be, amazing potting mix
from Vermont Compost that has everything you need in it, even nutrients, I went with 
the Fort Lite variety, but it was tough to choose. 

After adding water to the potting mix I had just the right consistancy to fill the cups with 
what seemed like cake batter - more joyful comfort, which always ushers in
confidence and empowerment 

Working in my new little space in the basement I planted 5 different types of tomatoes, eggplant,
musk melon, basil, summer savory, mint, greek oregano, lemon balm, parsley and probably something
else that I have forgotten.  

Very exciting.

Here are my little "chocolate cupcakes" all planted, labeled and sitting
 on the top of my cookstove where the
pilot lights will keep them warm enough to germinate. 

I didn't have room for all of them on top, so I put a few trays IN the oven as well
 and left the door a jar.

I crack myself up.

Here's to believing!!
 Keep your fingers crossed for me and enjoy your day

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