Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home again, home again, boom chitty boom

Seven days of fun in the sun with family and friends, very nice.
But I am SO glad to be home.
Isn't it funny.  I spent my teens and 20's trying to get as far away from
home for as long as possible, searching for that perfect spiritual - place connection.
In my 30's I found it, this little space in Maine and now I go away (which I know is healthy)
and long to return soon after a few days have passed

I must admit that a forced week of relaxing has chilled me out and I
was able to source some great gems in the busy, expensive, concrete jungle
Florida seems to be striving for.

I had one of the BEST massages I have ever had - in one of the prettiest spaces,
 from Martina Muller at My Body TLC
which was just around the block from us. 

A farm to shelf grocery store and cafe, Food and Thought really saved the day
and some great Nia classes with Amy at Beyond Motion helped
me to not pack on too many pounds from all the wine with dinner every night

Being that it doesn't get light in Naples until @7:30am and I wake up around 4:30am
there was built in quiet time that I couldn't really argue with.
I read "Born to Run" and went out and bought a second pair of Vibrums as soon as
the stores opened.  Don't these look like Panda Claws?
I love them

I wore them on a great hike through the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  Off the beaten path
and part of the everglades, we saw tons of wildlife and experienced a 
beautiful, graceful Florida.  No bugs yet either. Score!

Time with my dearest friends and an uninterrupted Renee is the
one thing I hate to leave.

To ease the pain and for one last celebration, we ate at 
Market 17 in Ft. Lauderdale.  A meal truly worth raving about.

We were so touched by a visit from the Executive Chef, Lauren,
to our table.  25, talented, humble, curious and excited about
her path I wish her the best.

It was the perfect mirror image for me to know that the light she had in her
eyes had dimmed in mine in the cafe.  A perfect affirmation for this year of pause.

I hope you have been enjoying yourselves - I missed writing to you

Enjoy your day!

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