Sunday, March 4, 2012

My finished Cosmo bag and unexpected life lessons

I am totally supposed to be vacuuming and cooking right now to get ready 
for a dinner guest, but I just had to share this with you.

I finished my bag! and who knew the whole experience would 
treat me to such spiritual life lessons:

Belief - that I could actually read these directions and 
figure this out without help

Trust - in Ms. Butler and associates that this pattern works

Tolerance - when my partner asked me "how many
bags do you need?"

Patience - every time I picked up my seam ripper

Confidence - in using my ten year old fusible interfacing

Self Awareness - I  SO make things harder than they are, and
I talk to myself out loud a lot while sewing

Dream realizations - it was before awakening yesterday
morning that I figured out how to put the handles on.

Joy - when things actually fit together

Satisfaction - I love it even though up close it doesn't look quite like the picture.

More on trust, I still don't believe the handles and the interfacing would have worked out if I
hadn't mirrored the pairs first before putting the interfacing on.....

I customized my inside pockets a bit by making three on one side
to hold smaller things like my new Electrify phone :-0 

Seriously with the button loop thing.  Awesome technique but I couldn't figure
the worded directions out.  Renee had to come and make it visual.

My finished bag, with it's vintage button and all that.

I have decided to make it my "briefcase".  Everything fits and
is organized.  Yeah!

Enjoy your Sunday

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