Saturday, March 17, 2012

A room worthy of it's table

I have been "driven h'er hard" as they say around  here
and my back kitchen at Lily's is pretty much completed

I feel such inner peace when everything is in it's place

I painted the drawers, etc. Kendall Charcoal - Ben Moore HC 166
Every piece of furniture in here is from a yard sale or auction

These two pieces I bought waaaay long ago and finally have
a place for them in Maine.  Storage, storage, storage

I forget how much color books lend to a situation

Look how these cup pulls shined up. 

 I bought this from a very elderly gentleman
in Brooklin, years back.  He had made it out of old
wood and blueberry boxes

 I bought 8oz canning jars to put my spices in and
finally used the label maker someone gave me as a gift
during my first renovation 

 More color, and so functional!

I found this at TJ Maxx.  Isn't it sweet!
Bird seed's by the back door


 Doesn't it sing? 
 Ready for my blueberry pancake breakfast.

I feel satisfied today, and very grateful

Enjoy your weekend. 


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