Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Charlies Soap and my Laundry room

Late last summer all of Renee's clothes started to smell moldy.
Of course, my first line of defense was to blame it on her.
Her job was too messy, her clothes were being put away damp,
and being the kind person she is, she even bought a little dehumidifier
for her closet.  Nothing worked.

  So, then I decided it was the laundry machine.
I called Mr. Laundry himself, Barrett Gray from Boyce's Motel to
get a good recommendation on a new brand and he suggested
I try a different detergent.  

The thought of discarding my lovely packaged, sweetly scented,
made in small batches in NH, laundry powder and replace it
with Tide was just too much for me to bear.

Thankfully, that weekend a bunch of us took a boat ride over 
to North Haven to eat at Nebo.
  On the boat ride home, I shared my laundry woes under the canopy of
a full moon and starlit sky. 
 From the bow came a voice, and it said
Wendee and Todd had been turned on to it by
friends for washing baby diapers.  They said it 
was all natural and they now used it for everything.

Being humble, they didn't tell me that it would change my life.
And it has.  It is AWESOME! No mold, no stains,
not even scented, but your clothes just smell so CLEAN
that they smell good.

They even have an all purpose cleaner that I use now for everything.
I used 4 bottles of it to clean Lily's when I closed and the
grease just rolled off.

Check it out, really

Happy laundry day!

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  1. So I guess now, Renee's clothes are smelling like roses! Thanks for the blog. Hope to see you soon, Wendee