Friday, August 31, 2012

Wild Maine Blueberry Sorbet

I am doing another farm to table wedding on Sunday
A friend of the couple is making an armadillo cake
and I am to make the blueberry sorbet

Blueberry season is just winding down in Maine and I was able to buy
this beautiful box of organic blueberries from Blue Hill Berry Farm
last week at the farmer's market in Deer Isle

My recipe is pretty pure, pureed blueberries, strained through a sieve,
mixed with a simple syrup to sweeten, chilled and frozen in an ice cream maker

Here is where you can get crazy creative:
I steep tea bags in the simple syrup, for this batch I used a black tea called 
Paris from Harney that is fruity, but deep.
I heat equal parts water (2 cups) and honey ( 2 cups) to a boil,
add the tea bags (2 is plenty) turn off the heat and let it steep for
5 minutes, remove the tea bags and allow your syrup to cool completely

Meanwhile, puree your berries (5 cups) with 1/3 cup water in 
a food processor or blender

Pour them into a fairly fine mesh strainer and press out all the juice
into a bowl

leaving the skins, seeds and stems pretty much behind.

Mix your berry puree (you should have 2 cups) with 1 cup
simple syrup and add whatever whatnots you so desire,

I put freshly grated ginger and lemon zest in the batch 
for the wedding.  Ruthie, from the berry farm made her own
batch with mint and lemon.....the possibilities are endless

Place in the fridge until completely chilled and then
freeze in your favorite ice cream maker, or if you don't have one,
  simply put it in a bowl in the freezer, and stir occasionally until the consistency of
soft sorbet.  I then freeze it over night to make it firm.

and have a wonderful wonderful weekend

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