Monday, August 13, 2012

Such Fun in August

This week has been a total blur;

 dinner on North Haven at Nebo 
with the unexpected gift of meeting new friends,

an antique show - which inspired redecorating at the cafe
(more on this endeavor soon),

a farm to table dinner at Four Seasons Farm (Eliot Coleman)
by two chef's from the Portland area.

  The food actually came
from farms down their way - which I thought
was a little odd, but we had the pleasure of sitting with
the owners of Freedom Farm in Freedom Maine who
supplied most of the veggies
and we had a wonderful connection

 then to end it all,

 my pop up wine bar at Lily's last night,
 which was a blast 

I prepped all day, using tons of stuff from my garden

You could hear me
giggle out loud randomly all morning

Then I got to hear people giggle when they walked in
later and saw all the chocolate cakes


Live music with the Bent Benjamin's filled the air 

Happy customers filled the house with incredible spirit

I hired Therese to run the food line with my girls

which meant I had the pleasure of pouring the wine
and chatting with everyone I hadn't seen all season

It was really wonderful

I look forward to next time...

Enjoy your Monday everyone,
and thank you for being you.


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