Friday, August 17, 2012

Felting 101

I felted for the first time ever yesterday,  in an intro to felting class

 taught by Mia Kanazawa at Eggemoggin Textile Studio
in Sargentville, Maine

We began with the very basics by felting a tennis ball, then
proceeded to learn how to make a pre-felted textile 
to insert into our final composition which was a flat felted textile

I chose these colors for my pre-felt

and then went with naturals for my background

I can't tell you how much I loved this process.

First of all, I do not knit, and probably never will, but
I LOVE all that carded wool at the Common Ground Fair


Now I might have a reason to buy some! :-)

because next week, we make felted slippers!!
(I love that word -slippers-)

Mia is a master teacher and the other 5 women in the class 
were a talented hoot and a half to spend 6 hours with

I love to take classes, you learn so much from everyone,

and ever since I have learned to not be too attached
with the outcome and just let something happen
classes always takes me to a place outside my comfort zone

 sometimes a good place, sometimes not so good
I seem to learn a lot in both

Enjoy your weekend! and give yourselves a wee bit of time to yourself


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