Monday, August 6, 2012

August Sigh and September Quilt Workshop

It dawned on my this morning that it is the beginning of August and
I am not ready to have a nervous breakdown.
How lovely.

I realize that many of you have no idea what August is like
for business owners on this beautiful seasonal tourist destination

It is pure hell.
  I am serious. 
 At least in the cafe anyway

You have just had your butt kicked in July and it is now amping up to an even higher pace

People have breakdowns from the stress,
they walk out on you or go in the basement to whimper where no can find them

 You fear everyday that the whole thing is going to blow up
and keep yourself in a slight coma like state just to get through it

Posters for the Blue Hill Fair promise that September is
coming and the madness will have an end.

And then it does end.
Just like that.
Summer is gone and you have wished it all away.

Not this year!

I am having a lovely day sewing a few new shifts and planning my menu for my
Pop Up Wine Bar this Sunday at Lily's from 5 - 7pm
I'll let you know what I come up with.

In the meantime I would like to share that Tony Belinda will be at Lily's
to teach a quilt workshop on Friday September 21 thru Sunday September 23rd

Tonye is a well known Sister’s Oregon quilter and author of
 “Hand Appliqued Quilts, Whimsical Designs and Simple Techniques.”

 A weekend of quilting whimsy and spontaneity is sure to please.

Free yourself from the sewing machine with Tonye’s quick needle turn applique technique.  The focus of this creative, liberating workshop will be the use of unusual colors,
 shapes and textures to build your dream houses 
with an emphasis on letting yourself go and not over thinking the process

Workshop runs from 9-4 on Friday and Saturday with a critiquing session on Sunday from 10-12.  Snacks and a delicious Lily’s lunch will be provided daily.
Workshop fee: $250.00

I still have spots left and if you are interested just give me a shout. or  207-367-5936

I can't wait for a weekend of sewing self indulgence!

Until next time, may your August days be light and lovely

All the best,

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