Friday, August 3, 2012

Home from Boston

I took the bus to Boston on Tuesday 

To meet up with my dearest friend and her family
up north from Miami

So their youngest chickadee could scope out some
New England colleges

They had driven from Miami and were in dyer need of
some sustenance so we had lunch at Cafeteria on Newbury

Then we goofed around, walked, talked, laughed and caught up

The next day I had the whole day to myself to wander around
and be completely entertained by the city

I walked, I shopped, I spent hours in a book store
with no one asking "can we leave now?"

I took the T from hither to yonder, it is so easy compared to NY

On my way to the waterfront to go to the Institute of Contemporary Art
(where I fell in love with work by Os Gemeos from Brazil)
I stopped at Sportello for lunch

   A modern retro lunch counter and perfect for a party of one

  I started with a glass of rose
and moved onto a roasted carrot salad and finished with a
bowl of the creamiest polenta I have ever had topped
with Wild Boar Ragu ( I had ordered eggplant, but got boar instead and it
was a happy mistake)  Yum!


I met up with the gang around 5 for their supper, but I wasn't hungry
so I sat with them while they ate and then walked the exhausted
college tourers to their car.

Then I headed over to Cambridge in a cab to my most favorite 
restaurant Oleana.  I ate on the back porch with the threat of
rain, and the owner threw an umbrella into the trees over me
so I could relax and enjoy my whole meal

Super delicious and super local, in both food and clientele
always inspiring for me as a chef.

I always stay at 463 Beacon St.

It is in a residential neighborhood in Back Bay
and wonderful for evening walks, taking
in both architecture and the sighs and rumbles of 
human life in a bustling city

 It was great to get away for a few days, but I am always so
happy to be home - 
Off to check out how the gardens fared with my departure

Have a wonderful day and I hope you have something
fun -maybe even a little off the beaten path-  planned for the weekend

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