Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Potatoes

Okay all you seasoned gardeners out there, you will
laugh, but I have successfully grown my own potatoes
for the first time and I am SO excited

It is like Christmas digging around in that raised bed and finding
little nuggets of starchy gold

The best thing is that I hadn't even planned on planting them
but I had about 20 potatoes left this spring from my
autumn Carding Brook Farm haul.

They were starting to sprout and my Ruth Stout book said,
"just throw them on the dirt and cover them with hay"
So I did and I've grown potatoes!!

Renee invited some folks over last night for an impromptu
lobster feed and I had a chance to showcase my wares

Foil and the grill, my favorite tools.

The trick is to put them on after the coals have died down from being
red hot, or make a space for indirect heat on the grill,
so you don't get that black, burned layer of potato and onion
that I remember so well from my childhood.

I layered potatoes, onions, garlic, rosemary, basil, Maldon's Sea salt,
Aleppo pepper, Greek olive oil and a little butter - 
Wrapped them up and threw them on, put the lid down 
and in about 25 minutes had this!

Enjoy your day and all it's surprises

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  1. Kyra, I just discovered your blog - love it! A few years back I tried growing potatoes in my small garden in MD. I was so disappointed when my yeild was fewer potatoes than I had planted. Turns out that my dogs were snacking on them! Can't wait to try your grill recipe with some wonderful farmer's mkt potatoes and onions that I bought today.