Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Long Weekend

I catered a farm to table wedding on Sunday at Edgewood Farm for two
lovely women and their close, extended families

The day started out rainy, but the sun came out just in time
for them to proceed as planned, they were even graced with
a  field of mist meeting the setting sun after dinner

I had planned on sharing a host of photos with you, the tables
were lovely, set by their friend Stephen, (a designer for Anthropologie) with
burlap table runners with big numbers stenciled in black, moss and
wood from the surrounding forest, big candles, pretty silverware

Samantha wore vintage ivory with a veiled hat and Lesha wore a
fitted jacket with a lovely lavender gingham bow tie.
Samantha's mom had a dress on that was her great grandmother's
dating back to the 1800's.  The fabric was stunning

I made oven fried chicken with Old Ackley Farm chickens, I bought this amazing
melon from Four Season Farm and garnished big bowls of Carding Brook Farm mesclun
with flowers from my yard at Lily's
Lots of cheeses on the appetizer table with that
 killer avocado crabmeat dip I gave you the recipe for earlier ~

Unfortunately, my purse was stolen yesterday while Renee and I were
in Camden, Maine, being tourists for a day.

My camera was in it, and I hadn't downloaded the pictures yet, so you will have to
use your vivid imaginations

Anyway, I have been busy today, canceling things and reapplying for them
and learning to let go

Funny, two things come to mind over and over

The thing I am most bummed about is that the purse
they took was that wonderful cosmo bag I made back in the spring with that
Amy Butler fabric and the wallet I just made with the little bird inside.....
I hate to think of those two things at the bottom of a dumpster somewhere.

But - I have been working on letting go of attachments, I'm thinking
this is a big nudge from the universe.

Certainly much worse things happen and I am so grateful that the event is really
a soft bump in the road of a very blessed existence

However, there is the second thing;
it relates totally to my post "Don't Postpone Joy" from a while back

We had been shopping earlier and I had hesitated briefly before buying a few
things for winter wear at Reny's.  I decided to get all of it and paid cash - 
noting to myself that I didn't have much left....

that part makes me very happy.

Here is a picture I DID download the other day and I just love it - 
no manipulation or anything, just how it looked as I was leaving Lily's 
in the early evening light

I hope my new camera takes good pictures.

You all enjoy your day and count your blessings!


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  1. Kyra, that totally sucks! Yes, I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere from the universe and kudos to you for looking on the bright side, but that just sucks. Sorry that happened to you, don't they know that you're a local??? XO, Rhea