Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game On

My new camera came yesterday!

It is so weird ~
 until I started writing this blog I was the one
who would take a camera on a trip with me and not take one single picture

Now, for the last two weeks without my little Cannon Power Shot
I have felt a little shut off - but here I am - WIDE OPEN again

and I find myself wishing I could share this glorious September day with you all

A bit blustery, perfect laundry weather, the play of shadow and light
is just breathtaking

I am super excited too because we picked up Tonye Belinda Phillips
last night from the airport and nestled her into our little
cottage on Green Head.

She is teaching a quilting workshop at Lily's next weekend
and has never been to Maine.
It was pitch dark when we arrived on the island and I can
only imagine what it was like to wake up this morning
to such a beautiful day and a view of the harbor

Tonye has a huge following out west, teaching sold out classes
of 40 or more, and working with quilting greats like
 Jean Wells and Gwen Marston.
  I feel so fortunate that she is here to share
her knowledge and creativity and can't wait for the class.

In the meantime, Barley and I are making Rose Hip Tea

I just couldn't resist picking these plump, gorgeous hips from
wild rugosa rose bushes this morning

and then I couldn't resist taking pictures of them with my new camera :0)

I threw them into a pot with 6 cups of cold water

Let them boil gently for 10 minutes, then I mashed them,
threw in some fresh mint from the pot out front

and steeped it all for 20 minutes.

I just strained it into a pitcher, added a tiny bit of Swan's raw honey
and here it is!

I am going to pop it into the fridge to chill and
have some with lunch
(and watch the Patriots game this afternoon)

I so hope you are enjoying your Sunday

Be well,

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  1. Seriously? That's what those things are? And THAT'S what I can do with them?? Oh! I cannot wait to make my very own rose hip tea.