Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just A Thought

I am beginning to believe that innately we 
know we can do anything and
that self doubt is taught to us over and over
 thinking we can't comes easier than knowing we can

Our cute lobster boat came out of the water
a few weeks ago, but we always leave the
small outboard in a bit longer,
thinking we will get a few more rides into September

But the wind always starts blowing a bit harder and the
days get a little shorter and Renee summons me to help 
her retrieve it with nary a ride had 

Yesterday was the day
  My job is always to drop her off at the shipyard,
and drive her truck with the trailer over to the landing area downtown.

I secretly love to drive thru town twice a year with the boat trailer,
feeling like a kid, blending in with the locals - I know, silly, but, hey - get your kicks when you can-

This year for some reason Renee suggested this whole rigamarole with my car,
 doubting that I was comfortable hauling the trailer around on her truck

After a moment of self doubt,
I rejected her suggestion and did what I always do,
even getting the chance to back the trailer up in the empty landing area

As I waited for her to come across the blustery bay I had this thought;

maybe all of our self doubt really doesn't come from inside us
but that we take on what we feel from others and make it ours

Even with the hand sewing workshop this weekend-
many of us assumed for years that hand sewing was hard and tedious
  we avoided it like the plague
but in actuality many of us took right to it and want to incorporate it into our work

I read this quote the other day; 

"it is hard when you have to
and easy when you want to"

In my heart, I really do believe, we can do or be anything we choose

Pretty cool.

I am off to the HS to teach 12 young adults how to make
 caramel apples from scratch

I believe!

Enjoy your day

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