Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

 O my gosh we had SO much fun

I cooked and sewed and laughed and learned

Tonye taught us wonderful technique and truly opened our
hearts and minds in how we create

And, as in any good learning environment, the teacher was
equally inspired by her students

Lily's House was unveiled

as we ate in the newly decorated dining room downstairs

and sprawled out upstairs in the newly opened up space

It was so cozy and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves

Two rainy days inside sewing and then
a sunny day to end it all

Lending itself to lunch on the roof
and show and tell in the autumn sunshine

I was sad to see it all end

But as I dropped Tonye at the airport yesterday
she said she couldn't wait to come back

And I continually find myself
astounded at how rich our lives can be
with the simplest of pleasures

Please enjoy your day

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