Friday, November 16, 2012

Peace and Balance

"When you have peace and balance within, you are in charge of your thought processes..."

"Even when there is complete chaos around you, if you have the ability to be
at peace, you have the ability to control your thoughts, master your mind 
and keep it from running amuck.....
It is crucial that you find this place....."- Jovius

This 'place' for me comes most easily in my sewing room
and I have made a serious commitment to myself and my mind
to be in there for a solid amount of time at least two days
a week come December.

Nothing clears my mind and opens my creative door
like a fresh, organized work space.

I found these cool water color crayon things that I had bought
at a yard sale, who knows when.
The colors are like candy!

and here is some graphic inspiration for a design
in progress for my new business -
Lily's House

Some ribbon for linen pillows for the newly
fen shui-ed living room!

And the beginning of making this awesome little
pin cushion caddy thing that I have coveted since
watching Rhea at Alewives tote one around in August
at the Denyse Schmidt workshop.

Here's the coolest part - I was asked to be a vendor
with my textile work at the Blue Hill Fine Craft Fair
this summer.  I am so excited for the opportunity
and am grateful for the inspiration to begin creating a new body of work

For me, this seals the deal on my sewing room time commitment.


For many years I believed that "mastering my mind"
or meditating, was just not in the cards for me.

But a few years ago I realized that it doesn't
have to be a huge special process.

It's just quieting your mind, finding that peaceful place,
whatever that looks or feels like - 
Even doing the dishes!

and being in charge of your thoughts.

My thoughts.... which I am trying to
create with love and dignity.

Have a wonderful, mindful, weekend 
and hopefully the beginning of a fun holiday season


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