Monday, November 5, 2012

My first quilt class (as a teacher)

I know how to be a quilt student

I do it often

And I've had wonderful teachers

and some that weren't very effective

but you always learn something - especially from the students around you

What a trip to be learning from the students around me,

yet also be the one they are looking to 
for teaching and guidance

Knowing when to push

and when to simply allow

Achieving balance of teaching actual technique

and not squashing the ability of original creative expression

is very important to me

And of course, so is lunch!

If all else fails, I know I can bake chocolate cakes for a living

I had the luxury of a teaching assistant, Holley

and found the offering of two different personalities 
to be helpful in meeting the different emotional needs 
of each student 

I found I relished in the delight of students asking for input
and discussing possibilities

and loved watching them take off in their own beautiful directions

and learned to understand the individual need of resistance
to outside input

I hope I offered as much as I learned 

My students seemed pleased, 

even asked for a part two of the 
class so they could work together with me on 

Honestly, I can't think of a better way
to spend a Saturday at Lily's House

Thank you all for your beautiful ideas and energies

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  1. I heard firsthand how wonderful the class was: you were indeed an inspiration. Isn't teaching fun? Definitely a high of its very own! XO, Rhea