Friday, November 2, 2012

Iron Chef and so much more

Here they come, the whole school, without teachers, for 40 minutes
Real World 101

This month we arranged an 'After School Snack'  Iron Chef competition

Two teams of 4:

 two lead chef's - home cooks extraordinare -
Heather Cormier and Christopher Kapsha

and three aspiring home cooks each, to assist

Three judges, a table full of unknown ingredients
and 25 minutes to produce an after school snack
that would be judged on taste, appearance and originality
all to decide who would be named the first DISHS Iron Chef 

They really got into it,
both the teams, the judges AND the audience


Christopher's team was using bananas and ground beef
(Honestly, in small print, this made me kinda nervous)

Heather's team was chopping and stirring like crazy

The audience was shouting out encouragements and 
Renee and senior Drew Siebert MC'd the event, minute by minute

The results:
A bread bowl filled with spiced meat and served with
fresh salsa and corn chips


A pan fried egg roll filled with ground beef, bananas,
onion and cheese

The winner:
The bread bowl got it for appearance
The egg roll won it for originality, and best taste

Iron Chef..... the beef and banana team!!!

Can you beat that? Who knew!

At the end, Renee asked who wanted to come taste the creations
Hands were flying

We all had a good time together,
 were inspired,
 and encouraged to try something new

Nice way to start the weekend.

Enjoy yours,

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  1. Fabulous!! What a great way to engage kids in cooking and food.