Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let there be light

Amber's last public Sassy Pumpkin Bistro
was the day before Thanksgiving

Look at the afternoon sunlight pouring in on her homemade oatmeal bread

and here is morning sun on her molten lava cakes

There was a funny hush at Lily's when I went in on Friday
I'll miss that little sassy pumpkin, and her inner light.


Here's something to cheer me up..
Renee put a new window in our tiny kitchen
and the sunlight just pours through!

Tip: take that screen out of your window for winter,
you get double the light without it

And I made a batch of fire starters for our wood stove

I save all my candle ends throughout the year
and some egg cartons, and a bit of dryer lint -
the best being after you dry that batch of cotton bath towels -

While the wax is melting,
put a bit of lint in each egg cup, pour in the hot wax
(I do this on a brown paper bag or wax paper so it doesn't go all over the counter)
and let it set up

Rip them off as you need them,
lighting the edge of the egg carton like a wick.

They work like a charm!!

Barley certainly appreciated it

Have a good day - filled with light and love -

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