Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Simple Solution

I think I began to realize that I wasn't motivated to sit in my living
room by the end of last spring

But then summer hit and we lived out on the screened in porch
and I didn't stress about it
I figured it was cabin fever

I love everything in the room, even the wall color
But with the screened porch shut up
and darkness upon us, it felt stagnant to me again

So, while vacuuming on Sunday, I pulled the couch
away from the wall and moved the chair over to the wood stove

Voile! The room started to sing!!

The chairs that felt awkward all fall together perfectly

I get to sit by the window on the couch

And Renee
 (whom I can legally marry now in Maine) 
get's the wood stove

A wonderfully easy fix!

My next challenge: a linen slipcover for the couch.

I found this crazy website for linen -
I bought 15 yards of natural, heavy weight linen for $9.00 a yd!

Check it out and wish me luck

Happy, Happy

1 comment:

  1. Love it... very feng shui. It feels so good when you rearrange your own space, don't you think?

    AND... I am so pleased with the outcome of the vote. Very happy for you two... I'd marry ya any day! XO, Rhea